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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 4 Review and Weigh In- HALF WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walking at Bolsa Chica Reserve

Wow! I am so behind on posts! I have to tell you how my week was LAST WEEK!!!! It feels like a century ago to be honest! I do know that I have had the most energy I've had in a couple of years! YUP! It's true. Who knew being so conscious about my food choices would make such a difference!

Nia: 1 Class
Jogging/walking: 1
Walk 30-40 min: 1
JM 30 Day Shred: 1

Well ironically it's the least I have worked out since the contest began but I have lost what I did the first week. I NEED to incorporate more weights and/or toning exercises. BLAH! Any suggestions???

I have a new addiction. It's so amazingly delish you won't believe yourself when you eat it. Majestic Garlic. WOW!
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This stuff is so amazing and flavorful you can add it to so many things to make it beyond delish! My latest use was a sprouted wrap spread with the Sun Dried Tomato and Jalapeno flavor Garlic Paste which wrapped grilled veggies (onion, zucchini, bell pepper). It was so flavorful even D loved it! I would never have bought this in a million years on my own, I tried it at a friend's first and went gah gah over it! A word of caution though... it contains oil so use sparingly! You don't need much anyway but I have to admit that I wolfed down a quarter of the container before I realized it contained oil... Let's just say, It will be a minor set back for me.

I am still juicing and creating fabulous food with my friend and eating WHOLE, FRESH and (mostly) ORGANIC foods. We are eating about 80% vegetarian now and I am loving my veggies! I also start my morning juicing fruits and veggies! Even Zorro is loving the juicing!

I LOST 3 lbs. WHOOP! I am down a total of 10.2 lbs.

Check out my PROGRESS PAGE for pics!
I update that weekly usually! I'm behind on posting the photos this week!

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  1. Hmmmm, I might have to see if I can find that garlic thing, I'm a big garlic fan.