F2F Challenge- My Goal


As a mom and  just in general, my diet tends to be erratic. If left on my own I will either not eat at all during the day or only one meal. I am a serial meal skipper. To try to keep my diet normal my personal approach is to make sure I am fueling my body during the day with quick, easy and accessible meals for breakfast and lunch. 

For those meals I buy "healthy" frozen meals and include fresh fruits and fresh/frozen veggies. Those meals are generally around 400 calories each. 

For snacks I try to stick with just a few as i get hungry so I don't get tempted to go crazy and eat 100-200 calorie snacks. Snacks include things such as yogurt with fresh fruit or baby carrots with a tablespoon of ranch or just fresh fruit or crackers, string cheese, apples with peanut butter, a handful of nuts or trail mix etc.

For dinner I attempt to make family meals so we can all eat the same things. I try to make lower fat meals. Right now I am really into the crock pot.

Because of my activity and weight I am shooting for 1600-1800 calories a day. I will re-evaluate my needs as time goes on.

Other things I will be working on:
Drinking only 1 soda a week and LOADS of water a day!