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Friday, April 30, 2010


I have...correction...HAD a fake brain tumor. Yes a FAKE brain tumor. Pseudotumor Cerebri-(in short additional fluid on brain causing effects of a tumor) tell me that doesn't mean FAKE BRAIN TUMOR! Seriously they could sooo have been more creative. At least it sounds snazzy right?

OK not s snazzy when they tell you either have a brain tumor a a fake brain tumor and your options are:
1. Brain Surgery
2. Spinal Tap

Is there a 3? -Nope so I had to get my MRI's (head in a freaking LOUD machine that I am totally claustrophobic in -and I am not claustrophobic)  praying it's not brain surgery or a spinal tap and they made a HUGE mistake!

MRI's DONE! Spinal tap it was! Horrible, it was. Spinal headaches made me unable to move literally for a week and new meds made me have to pee like there was no tomorrow and tingle all over.

I was told to lose weight or be on the meds forever.

2 years of yoyo weight loss and gain then finally a life change that would stick.

60 lbs lighter and still losing- healthier than ever(ish) I am finally able to say bye bye to the fake brain tumor. It's officially G-O-N-E!!!!!

Next month I get to say bye bye to the blood chemistry altering meds! 

Good Riddance!

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