F2F Challenge- My Goal

Friday, April 2, 2010


In case you've been fearfully wondering what happened to the likes of me, NO, I did NOT drop out. My Blogger account went MIA for a day. I couldn't access my account, dashboard or either this or my Orange Juice blog. GRRRRRRRRRR

So it's finally working and I am back! I'll give you a quick summary on the last 2 days, no food journal though or I'll be here all day!

So, so. I took Zorro to the Wild Animal Park. I was hoping to get a full day of walking up and down hills and other such exersize fabulousness without actually exercising. But the day took a turn for the worse. I spent a lot less time walking then I usually do and mostly standing in place. I did get a few hills in but NOTING like the serious awesomeness that usually accompanies a trip to the WAP. Oh well.
Food was also so, so. I packed food but not enough. But I still tried to keep my choices light and healthy.

I had a great work out! Even more proud of myself than ever. I shaved 2 MIN, yes TWO MIN off my avg mile!!! I need to start increasing my distance which may effect my avg but that's OK. I'll get there. It's been really awesome to start jogging again. While it's also been particularly hard with the extra weight, I feel a sense of real accomplishment. Now to start my jogs earlier than 10 pm. In the meantime I am wishfully hoping that a treadmill will magically appear on my doorstep so I don't get killed jogging at night. P.S. I don't jog alone.

Food was pretty good.
Dinner was excellent. I made a stir fry with frozen stir fry veggies (just plain veggies no sauce in the mix) and frozen peppers and onions. I cooked with olive oil and salt. No sauce. I used stewing beef chunks and cooked with a little bit of Yoshida's light marinade which I diluted with water and simmered the meat in. That gave the meat a great flavor seasoned something in the dish without too many added calories. Then added a 1/4 cup of brown rice to the meal. It was very yummy and FILLING!

So That's a summary of my last 2 days.

Check out my INTRO VIDEO just remember when you watch it it's the first time I have EVER vlogged!!!


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  1. Okay, the picture of Zorro is too awesome! It's always frustrating when you think you've got this awesome workout planned and it doesn't happen.