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Monday, April 19, 2010

"Diet" is a Four Letter Word

Says it all doesn't it?

I refuse to diet. I refuse to call eating in anyway a diet. It evokes strong emotions that pretty much always make me end up curled in a ball sweating because I just-want-that-cookie or I'll have just eaten a box of em. Because diets have come to mean deprivation of some sort. When we talk about the diet we're on basically it means, "what can't you eat?" carbs? sugar? everything except veggies? 

I eat for many reasons. Not just because I am hungry. I also eat because I enjoy the taste of food. Sometimes I eat for emotional reasons. Sometimes I eat just because something looks good. I think being aware of why we are eating is also just as important as what we are eating. But that's really another blog post...

What I really want to say is that what we eat while we are losing weight must in some sense be indicative to what we will eat when we are maintaining our weight. It needs to be REAL, do-able. If you stop eating restrictive then eat normally you will gain weight. No carbs for you now, but later you will eat some for a week then gain 10 lbs. Not cool! Who wants that? 

I'm not saying I don't "restrict" foods in certain ways or that I eat to hearts content any time and every time. I am saying make wise choices for your body but also let your taste buds enjoy a little too.

  • snacks
  • treats
  • candy
  • comfort food
  • things that make you go "Mmmm" :)
Diet is a four letter word to me. Better not use it when I'm around.

P.S. A response to a question I was asked:
when you have the munchies is there a food that you turn to that doesn't kill your diet but solves your craving? 
my secret is EAT IT! When I crave something I know that I won't be satisfied unless I eat what it is I am craving. But what I am learning is how to identify why I am craving. Is is hunger? or emotional? if it's hunger I can make wiser choices and offset the craving with or the "naughty food" with something else so I don't eat as much. Or I can make sure to eat in moderation. If it's emotional I try to identify that need. Sometimes I still need the treat so I eat it.
What's happening is that while I am allowing myself a treat, I am not depriving myself and then causing myself to freak out and binge. By not cutting off the possibility to have treats, I am eating less and less every time. I am also find that other things DO satisfy!
Not much of a secret, I know. lol


  1. Better to give in to moderation of a good thing than binge on it later!

  2. Yup Yup! Avoid the binge!!! Good thinking!!