F2F Challenge- My Goal

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 2 Review and Weigh In

We were gonna take a pic of ourselves at the top of the peak. Lamo ME set it on video. We got this 10 sec video of us then the battery died. I thought I's show you all my brilliance.

One week down 6 more to go! This week was a test in food. It's really my biggest struggle. I refuse to "diet" because I want my changes to be lasting. That's how I've made it down 50 lbs so far. It's important to make good decisions but sometimes treats and other such yumminess are just a MUST. It also turns out that I started my period on weigh in day. Maybe that's why I was in such craving mode..AH who am I kidding. I ALWAYS crave sweets. LOL

Nia: 1 video, 1 Class
Jogging/walking: 1
Gym: 30 min elliptical, 1hr weights
JM 30 Day Shred: 1

I totally shaved a few more seconds off my jog! YAY! I'd like to get out and jog more but like a said, midnight jogs alone are not happening. So I mixed it up with other workouts. Not as satisfying to me but effective.

I am eating so much better. I find myself NOT going to fast food anymore even when I am tired and hungry. That's HUGE! Working out more has made me eat lighter as well.

I've been crock-potting like a fiend and planning a bit better. We've tried new things and Im pretty sure saving money on food as well. Totally awesome!

I LOST 2.2 lbs and  brought my BMI down a few more points.I also FINALLY measured myself and found that I have LOST a few inches. WHOOP! CHECK OUT MY SIDE BAR for details on total loss and inches. My loss has only been 5.2 lbs in these 2 weeks but with the inches lost I can already see a small difference in how my clothes fit (or dont! YEYA!) and even in my full body shots.

Check out my PROGRESS PAGE for pics!
I update that weekly.


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who records videos instead of pictures.....
    I should start my crock pot for tonight....

  2. Don't say you've ONLY lost 5.2 pounds, thats a lot, and you deserve some credit for that!! Plus look at the inches that have come off. Your doing great, keep up the good work!

  3. Great job! I hate when TOM shows up on weigh in day!

  4. Your accidental video cracks me up. I can't tell you how many times I've done that too!

    You are doing fantastic! Inches feel as good as pounds when you get to start doing smaller sizes! But you know that already. This isn't your first rodeo... ;)

    Keep it up! Love ya, girl!

  5. I'm new to your blog. Congrats on your success and hard work! That is so awesome! Are you able to post somewhere what you eat during the day? I'm following currently following Weight Watchers, but agree that dieting needs to reflect "real life eating". Thanks!

  6. The video is so funny...it would have been a cute pic!
    Awesome job girl...the fast food is hard if you can say no to that then you can do anything!
    rooting for you!

  7. You're doing awesome! I'd love to see some of your crockpot ideas if you decide to post them. I could always use some healthy meal ideas :o)