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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crockpot Meal: Chicken Curry

So this recipe was majorly majorly doctored. I did it to fit what I had in my pantry as well as to turn into a crock pot meal and also to taste.

Basically I removed all of the last three ingredients because I didn't have them. Instead of fresh ginger I used powdered and I added NO oil. I also used fat free greek yogurt instead . I added some veggies and potatoes to it to make it a full meal.

To put together you can use fresh chicken breasts and cube them or you can use frozen whole breasts and they will shred if you keep them in there all day. It's up to you. Obviously your cooking time will vary in the crock pot. But I'd guess some thing like 3-4 hours for the first on low and 6-8 for the second on low.

ONE CAUTION though! When you add in the yogurt make sure you temper it in or it will curdle. Not that I know that from personal experience or anything...

ps it was DELISH!

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