F2F Challenge- My Goal

Monday, March 29, 2010

And We're OFF!!!

I spent some of the day yesterday preparing for the contest. I inventoried our food and went grocery shopping to stalk up on necessities.
Necessities for me:
  • Frozen Lunches (Generally Lean Cuisine or Eating Right...whichever is cheaper at the time). 
  • Frozen Breakfasts
  • Eggs
  • Turkey Sausage (pre-cooked)
  • Plain frozen veggies (to add to frozen meals for bulk and to make sure I get my veggies in).
  • Flavored frozen veggie mixes (to add to sides for emergencies)!
  • Rockstar -Zero Carb (for those moments when I just NEED energy!)
  • Ingredients for family meals
  • Fresh Fruits and Veggies 
  • I know there's more....
So I started the day pretty well. I woke up well which is not always the case for me. It's often very difficult for me to get out of bed due to a combo of meds and depression. When I wake up like that, it's generally a sign that it's going to be a good day for me. I'd say it went pretty well.

I ACTUALLY ate breakfast which is not a regular thing for me. Then a friend called me to go walking with her to take her doggies for a walk. We walked nearly 2 miles up and down hills. Before I totally immerse myself in the Couch to 5k (C25k) I need to build up to a place where I can get through a whole beginning work out. Walking and "mock workout" which is like half of a workout is helping to condition me.

I had a super busy day today and was just BEAT all day. Dragging. I hate that.

My eating was so-so. I certainly could have done better but I ate all my meals. For all the "planning" and shopping I did though, I found that I was still ill prepared. I need to make a more specific food plan for snacks so I don't get into old habits and grab anything that looks delish. I also need to make sure I keep something with me to munch on as well as WATER!

I will be headed out after dinner sometime to do another mile and a half (this time a walk/jog) to get my 3 miles of conditioning in.


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  1. I like having smoothies for breakfast. It feels like a treat but it's pretty healthy. I just use 100% juice as the base (you can use skim milk, but I dont like that as much) and add frozen fruits of all sorts..blend away.

    Good on all the walking. Its not easy sometimes. I get tired sometimes too, since I am on a wonky sleep schedule. The lack of sun (until lately) hasn't made me the happiest of campers either.

    PS Thanks for visiting my blog, what fun. I am from Orange County too originally :D