F2F Challenge- My Goal

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In 8 weeks

I have lost

21 LBS

I have shrunk


My body fat has gone from 40.3% to:


Sorry the pics aren't FAB I didn't have anyone to take after pics...but if you look you can really see the changes...except in my arms GRRRRRRRR! I hardly lost anything there!
  • Face smaller
  • Stomach flatter
  • Butt shrunk about 2 sizes
  •  Boobs look HUGE....same bra! -just a smaller body! Even my bra is too big!
  • Hair blonder... does that count? 

Check out my stats for inches lost on side bar. I lost most in my waist!

I will try to get some better after pics soon!


  1. You're getting so much closer to your overall goal! Congratulations.

  2. YEAH!!!! You so Totally ROCK, Chickie!!

    I'm so proud of you!

  3. DANG girl...i think you are the winner!!!
    that is seriously awesome!!! i am so proud of you {and a wee bit jealous!} haha....you look great!!!!

  4. That is awesome! Congratulations! : You look great! I see that even your upper arms a little thinner! :)

  5. YAAY!! You're THE BESTEST! Good for you girl!

    If you were HERE I could take some AWESOME "after" pics!!