F2F Challenge- My Goal

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 3 Review and Weigh In

I think my face is looking even smaller....

The PERIOD IS GONE! I have to say, I really feel like my period was actually much better than usual. Maybe from the working out? I still had cramping and cravings etc but the pain was lighter overall and lasted a shorter period of time. I would like to hope that had something to do with my regular working out. I suppose we'll see next month!
The food changes are rocking! I am enjoying eating better and reaching for healthier options. My body is feeling better and craves those things more now.

Nia: 1 Class
Jogging/walking: 1
Walk 30-40 min: 2
JM 30 Day Shred: 1

This week my workouts were lighter because I had a busy, busy, busy week! All workouts were great and effective. i only got one jog in again. :( Really frustrated about that, it's my fave thing to do but just not happening way I wanted it to.
I am also looking into yoga studios right now. I really would like to find an affordable studio for some fabulous meditative exercise.

So let me tell you the Garlic Chix crockpot recipe I gave you for the crock pot? AWESOME! I've been making 2-3 breasts extra for the week and using them in lunches as well as a dinner. They are TASTY that way! TRY IT!

I have also been doing my eating a little different. While I still use my grab and go foods, I use them a bit more sparingly, like when I especially NEED them. I've been doing better with my time (sorta) so cooking hasn't been as  much of a chore. ALSO I have a FABULISIMO friend who is eating the same foods with me. We (mostly she because I am not creative that way) comes up with meal plans. We buy the food together (save some serious dough!) get together once/twice a week to prep the meals and bag them or put them in containers for later cooking. This way our foods are already preped. We did the yucky part together so it made it fun (while battling the kiddos) and then when we are ready to make our meals at home, it takes only the cooking time. AWESOME!

If that we'rent enough (oh ya!) we are also cooking a meal for eachother once a week maybe two as well. So half of my crock pot dish goes to her fam and we keep the other half. Then another day I don't cook and she brings over a meal. How's that for teamwork?

If it couldn't get any better, our ultimate goal is to eat WHOLE, FRESH and ORGANIC foods leaning more towards a vegetarian lifestyle. And juicing loads of fruits and veggies too! I will have to give more details later and even a menu!

I LOST 2 lbs. I am on track to meet my goal. YAY! So far I am down a total of 7.2 lbs.

Check out my PROGRESS PAGE for pics!
I update that weekly.


  1. Great progress! Sounds like a wonderful system.

  2. I love your expression in your picture!!!
    I hate periods...period! I gained 2 pounds this week from mine...sucks!

    You are doing awesome and so glad to read your on track with everything! Cooking things ahead is a fabulous way to stay on track!

  3. You girls are too smart! What a great idea for saving time and money.

    I agree that your face looks thinner. Must be a good feeling :o)

    Hope you have a great week!