F2F Challenge- My Goal

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 1 Review and Weigh In

 I love my baby!

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter! Did you eat candy? I DID! But I TOTALLY, TOTALLY rocked it and only had a few small pieces. No crazy face stuffing for me! WHOOP! WHOOP!

One week down 7 more to go! Yipee! lol I wish I could say I really was excited but honestly, I am totally fighting a bad attitude daily when it comes to exercise. I DO NOT want to do it. When I was losing my first 50 lbs, it was a sort of an obsessive MUST do thing. Now I am just dragging. But the very fact that I am in a challenge makes me very, very happy because it's what's forcing me to do it anyway. And doing it I AM!

Nia: 2 times (video)
Jogging/walking: 4

I basically worked on getting back into working out again and really focused on challenging myself in my jogging. In fact, I really pushed myself to the point that I shaved off a total of 1min 45sec off my mile. So I went from a 16.04 mm to a 14.26 mm!!! YAY! 

The biggest things I realized this week with my eating is that I tend to lean towards carbs and sugar most of the time and also that my water consumption is a bit lacking. This next week I hope to focus more on balancing meals and snacks a bit more. I will try to log about 3 days of food a week.

I am totally digging the crock pot meals and ROCKING them too!!! I have gotten lots of YUMS and comments, more then ever since doing them more! This Crockpot Trio next on my must have home items list. Imagine, dinner sides and desert!!!! Or just for serving things warm LUV!

I LOST 3 lbs and  brought my BMI down from MORBIDLY OBESE to OBESE. -OK it doesn't sound like a victory but dropping the MORBIDLY part is like shedding a heavy load off of me.

Check out my PROGRESS PAGE for pics!
I will update that weekly.


  1. Hey, every little bit helps. And besides according to my WII Fit you're not supposed to lose more than 2 pounds a week because you're in danger of rebounding. Or, that's the claim.

  2. That is awesome! 3lbs on just diet and exercise alone is fabulous!

  3. Great job!! You are doing awesome.

  4. AWESOME!! Ya, that word MORBIDLY is pretty upsetting! Glad you are rid of that!! Oh and Lila bought her MIL that Crockpot Trio for Christmas! Fabulous!

    Glad you're enjoying running! (Be careful of your foot!) :)