F2F Challenge- My Goal

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Runner's High

Today I completed my jog in the same amount of time that I started it. EXCEPT I went 1/3 of a mile FURTHER!!!

When I was jogging, I hit a spot....THAT SPOT...the runners high. It was only for like a min. But it was the minute I've been waiting for since I started jogging again. The one that makes you push further and keep running. The one that makes you LOVE running!

It was awesome. I didn't expect to feel that again for a long time. But that minute made my attitude change about exercise and I look forward to the next jog!!!


  1. Awesome! I can say for myself that I have NEVER experienced a runner's high. But I'm glad for you that you got there!
    You are unstoppable, Kristi!!!!